Parents Corner

Suggestions for enjoyable summer activities

PW invited parents of St. Xavier’s Global Academy, Thane, Mumbai to share the special activities they have planned for their children during the summer holiday

“I don’t remember a single dull day spent with my grandparents during the summers of my childhood. They were unique learning experiences. Now as a parent, the best gift I can give my son Harshneel (class II) during his two-month long summer vacation is to arrange for him to spend quality time with his grandparents who live in Indore and Ahmedabad. 

Living in metropolitan Mumbai has its drawbacks. Harshneel yearns for open spaces and loves to be close to nature. Moreover, he loves listening to stories of which all grandparents have a good stock, and who I know will take the trouble of relating with great care and selection of words sometimes in English but mostly in our own vernacular language. Like other city kids used to the pleasures of watching television and playing video games for long hours, it is important for Harshneel to learn the values of discipline and time management and assist in household chores as a caring duty towards his ageing grandparents.  — Dhara Vhyas, homemaker

“Summer holidays are the perfect time for some variety in life especially after a gruelling academic year. My daughter Saesha (10) prefers playing outdoor games rather than sitting glued to

television or playing games on my smart phone.

Keeping in mind her destination preferences, we give her ample opportunity for adventure and to explore nature trails during her annual summer break. Long road trips are her favourite. Saesha loves to read during such trips. Overall, I believe a joyful vacation helps us all rejuvenate so we can all return to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”  — Niket Jaiswal, director, NJ’s Lounge


“I believe productive summers make better memories. Therefore, we make a determined effort to teach my daughter Manavi (class IV) something new every summer. For instance, last year she learnt to ride a bicycle. This year, I am planning to teach her yoga and enroll her in a martial arts class. As a father, I believe my daughter should learn to be independent and equip herself with self-defence skills to be able to always protect herself. Besides, summers also include fun elements such as family outings to the museum or picnics at the zoo.  Moreover we encourage Manavi to play outdoor games such as badminton and join her in indoor board games.” — Manoj Jaiswal, senior consultant, Capgemini Technology Services India 



“I am a health freak and expect my children Simon (6) and Virat (4) to remain as fit and healthy as I am. Therefore I encourage them to attend regular swimming, skating, dancing and yoga classes supplemented with wholesome and nutritious food. Planning an out-of-town vacation every summer is not always feasible.

Therefore, it’s important to find ways to keep them engaged. We often dine out with our children at their favourite restaurants and sometimes on their insistence at pizza joints, visit friends or relations, go shopping and on long drives.” — Annu Rao, self-employed businesswoman