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Ruchira Ghosh

Ruchira Ghosh

Regional director (South Asia), Cambridge International Examinations, UK

Where would you place education on your national list of priorities?
Right on top. Judicious investment of ideas, effort and resources in education can be a big gamechanger to harness the high potential of India’s youth.

How best to upgrade the existing education system in India?
Let’s give education and the teaching profession the premium status they deserve.

Thinker/philosopher you admire the most.
I am inspired by the work of educationists Michael Fullam and John Hattie.

Your favourite Nobel laureate.
Kailash Satyarthi, for his unabashed passion and untiring efforts to save the childhood of every child.

Your leadership style.

Pace-setting and leading by example. 

Your favourite book on education.
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver. Also The Red Pencil by Theodore R. Sizer and Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie.

For or against the RTE Act’s 25 percent reservation for underprivileged children in private schools?
Despite its shortcomings, reservation in private schools is a tiny window of opportunity for less privileged children who would never otherwise receive such education.

Should education outlay be doubled by cutting defence expenditure?
Both areas have their own importance for a country’s prosperity and security. Rightful deployment and accountability of expenditure are more important.

How satisfied are you with the growth of Cambridge International Examinations in India?

I am pleased with our steady growth and increasing demand for A-level — class XII —certification, as also of the more popular IGCSE class X qualification.

Pessimistic or optimistic about the future of education in India?
Undoubtedly optimistic! There are several pockets of sunshine across the country. Numerous individuals and organisations are doing incredible work to make a difference.