Perspectico & Lady Shri Ram College host workshop on career guidance

Added On : 29-Aug-2018

 Career consciousness among students has undoubtedly reached new heights today. With the internet revolution, students are better informed in almost every walk of life including their career. However, with more information comes more options. Keeping this in mind, Perspectico – an ed-tech platform which assists students in making better and informed career decisions - and New Delhi based Lady Shri Ram College for Women recently hosted a workshop on career and job interviews with special focus in consulting and finance.

The session took off with Nikhil Chainani, founder and CEO, Perspectico shedding light on the different kinds of interviews taken at the undergraduate level and went ahead to highlight what recruiters look for in the candidates. He specifically discussed Consulting and Finance as career choices and cracked wide open the various related case study frameworks and topics whose knowledge is essential for a consulting/finance interview.

According to Chainani, “Interviews can be tricky and the focus should be given to the knowledge required for the particular field a student chooses also keeping in mind in their personality development and in their decisions which plays a very important role in shaping their future”. 

The floor was then opened to doubts and questions where Chainani addressed and clarified all the queries of the students, ranging from the presentation of one’s resume to campus-placement fundamentals.

Says Vidushi Chhabra, who is pursuing her B.A. (English), “The session was an enriching and insightful peep into the corporate world that awaits the us, helping them understand just how to tread it perfectly”. 

Nitya Pahuja, who is pursuing his B.A. (Economics) says, “Shortlisting the case studies and topics for an interview is an important decision. This session certainly helped us in acquiring the knowledge required for the decision making part”. 

Incepted in 2017, Perspectico is a unique platform that assists youngsters in making better and more informed career decisions and helps them become job ready.