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Japanese language courses for students, corporates and academic institutions; course on Japanese conversation skills; special courses for IT professionals and customisable courses; summer camp classes; Cultural and etiquette studies integrated with langua


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Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (SNRC), Bengaluru is a Japanese language service provider. In addition to translation and interpretation services, the institute offers holistic courses for students who wish to learn Japanese. SNRC holds a good track record of not just language training but also professional guidance to understand Japanese culture and etiquettes.


SNRC provides classes to help students clear the various levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The test is usually conducted twice a year, in July and December. There are five proficiency levels of the JLPT, ranging from N5 to N1, with N5 being entry level and N1 being the most advanced certification.  At SNRC training is given to clear JLPT up to level N2. JLPT is designed for non-native students wishing to learn Japanese and is recognized worldwide. At SNRC, Japanese is taught not only through English but also by comparing it to other Indian languages; it can also be taught through the student's native tongue instead of English.


SNRC offers courses that help students clear the JLPT. Duration of course is different for different levels. As one clears the lower levels the student’s overall proficiency in Japanese, i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing, is improved.


N5:  80 hours for completion, entry level understanding of Japanese, the basics of the language are taught (online classes are available).


N4: 90 hours for completion, intermediate understanding of Japanese, higher understanding of grammar and conversational skills (online classes are available).


N3: 120 hours for completion, language proficiency is increased to a level where Japanese can be used in most everyday situations (online classes are available).


N2: 150 hours for completion, advanced understanding of the language, enables proficient everyday use of Japanese, this level grants a higher command over language skills.


The JLPT follows a prescribed syllabus and is recognised by the Japan Foundation, one of the primary international institutions of cultural exchange with Japan and the world. Besides the JLPT test training, Sakura Nihongo also offers two “Learn Japanese” courses for students wishing to learn only conversational skills in Japanese:


Learn Japanese - Basic Conversation Programme: takes 20 hours for completion, beginner’s level, no prior knowledge is required for this level.


Learn Japanese - Advanced Conversation Programme: takes 30 hours for completion, students with modest Japanese language skills can opt for this option.


For admission details, dial +91 80 2346 4677