Short Story - Preetha's winning move

Preetha was cycling to school,  excited. At the Sports Day event that evening, Preetha was a finalist in the Slow Cycle Race. She was an expert and usually won.

On the way, she saw a little girl crying, and looking lost in a crowded street.

She stopped near the girl and got off. The girl was still crying and looking around, as if she were searching for someone.

“Where’s your mummy?” Preetha asked her, but the girl cried louder.

“She is obviously lost,” Preetha thought. She picked up the little girl and rocked her comfortingly.

A man nearby looked at her. “Is the girl lost? I’ll take her to the police station,” he said.

Preetha thought he looked suspicious.

She remembered her Slow Cycle Race. It would start soon, and if she waited to help the girl, she would miss it!

“I’ll help her reach her mother safely,” the man said again. If she handed the girl over to the man, she could get to school on time.

‘No, I need to make sure the girl is in safe hands. I just don’t trust this man,’ she told herself.

She quickly walked away from the man, trying to soothe the child and wondering how to locate her mother. After a while, a lady came running towards her. She was crying and calling out, ‘Ammu! Ammu!” The child turned and gurgled happily, holding out her hands to the woman.

There was no doubt that it was her mother. She thanked Preetha profusely and explained how the child had wandered away.

‘The Slow Cycle Race must be over by now,’ Preetha thought, hurrying to school.

She was disappointed that she hadn’t been there for the race. To her surprise, the Principal was announcing a special prize for Preetha, a girl who had made the school proud by helping a lost child find her mother.

She was thrilled. She knew she had done the right thing.

-Cynthia John

Teacher's Corner:

Choose a charity organization that you want your class to support.

Set apart a Saturday and organize a charity sale. Divide and assign tasks to groups of children.

One group could make posters and banners. Another group can write out invitations to parents and well-wishers. Another set can discuss and plan the items that should be brought to the sale. Stud-ents can contribute cakes, cookies, candy, craft items and knickknacks to sell.

When the sale is over, go with your students to the charity you are supporting and hand over the fruits of your effort!