Short Story - A Birthday Shock!

“Let’s give Minosha a birthday surprise,” suggested Riya.

A mischeivous twinkle lit up Hira’s eyes. “How about giving her a birthday shock instead? Followed by our surprises, of course!”

“You and your ideas!” Riya laughed. “What do you have in mind?”

“A midnight ghost to wish her a spooky birthday.”

Riya laughed. Soon they were planning the prank. Without Minosha’s knowledge, they asked her parents for permission to sleep over on her birthday eve.

“Minosha still doesn’t know we are here,” Riya whispered, as they unpacked their gear at Minosha’s house. “I told Aunty not to tell her.”

“Then let’s get ready quickly,” Hira said, trying on a white bedsheet.

“You make a perfect ghost,” Riya told her, pulling out a pair of white fangs that glowed in the dark. She put on a black cloak.

Soon it was bedtime, and the lights were switched off. Riya and Hira crept into the room. It was pitch dark. Thuddd! Riya jumped.

Hira gave a nervous giggle. “You aren’t scared, are you?”

“Of course not!” Riya retorted. Ghooooooooooo....

Now Hira clutched Riya’s hand. “I want the lights on,” she whispered. Somehow  thoughts of bats and monsters were crowding her head.

Waaaaaaaaaagggghhh! Something landed on Hira’s back, and touched Riya’s face. She screamed.


Hira ran and switched on the light. There was Minosha, armed with two pillows!

“It was fun playing ghosts,” she told them. “Thanks for the birthday surprise. I loved it!”

They laughed and handed her their gift.

- Nisha Daniel

Teacher's Corner:

Birthdays can liven up your class if you add some spice to each student’s special day.

Make a crown for the birthday child and let her wear it for a photo with the whole class. Get a print, add a little personal note with a pen, and put it in a frame for a nice gift-cum-keepsake!

Let the birthday girl/boy have five minutes of the spotlight with several students telling her what makes her special.

Create a simple class tradition like this to be followed regularly. You are sure to be the most loved teacher by the end of the year!