Idea Box - Picnic Fun

Love your family? Here’s a great way to cherish the precious gift of family. Take some time off from your mundane day-to-day tasks and spend a day together. A simple picnic can be planned any time.

Here’s how you can plan a perfect picnic.

First, find a place that will make an ideal picnic spot. Neighbourhood parks, sandy beaches or even open grounds that allow picnicking are perfect.

Even a shady tree in a secluded roadside stretch can be perfect!

Next comes the food. Prepare ahead. Put together a variety of sandwiches keeping everyone’s tastes in mind. Mix and match with butter, jam, mayonnaise, ketchup, cheese, onions, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, shredded chicken or cutlets. Enjoy them with some potato chips or other crispies.

Plan the family beverage. Lime juice is the easiest to make. Alternately, pick up a readymade juice squash or mix.

Take some games along. Whether a board game that’s a family favourite or a rough-and-tumble ball game, a picnic is the perfect time to play together, regardless of age.

So, if you’re ready for some family fun, start planning your next picnic right now!

-Anitha Bennett