Fritzee's Fact File - 15

Families can be amazing in several ways. But this one tops it all! Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar have 17 biological children starting from a 19 year old boy to  a wee little newborn girl!

All the Duggar kids have names beginning with the letter J.

How do they manage it all?  Simple! They are extremely well-organized. Mom Michelle homeschools the whole bunch, and each elder sibling is in charge of one younger sibling. The older ones act as second parents to younger siblings, helping him/her in everything from lessons to baths. Talk about assuming early responsibility!

A family like theirs goes through seven-nine loads of laundry every day. And while shopping, they fill seven trolleys once a week.

The whole family has pooled its time and effort to build their huge 7000 sq. ft. home by them-selves! As Mom Michelle says, “We enjoy ourselves in every step and we love having child-ren around. And yes, we would surely welcome more.” Wow!