Do it now! - Try your pen power!

When you set out to do something to make a difference — for example, to eradicate hunger — working alone or with a few friends is not enough. So it becomes necessary to write letters to alert government officials, news-paper editors, local business leaders and producers of television news programmes.

Write what you have learnt about the root causes of the problem. Suggest what can be done locally or nationally to eliminate them.

If you write letters or send e-mail, it shows that you care enough to find out about the causes of problems. Providing solutions to those in power makes their job easy. Everyone can do with a little help. Influencing elected officials, media heads and company presidents can lead to getting policies changed.

Getting media exposure for your ideas means you will also attract attention to your causes. And so, you will have a better chance at winning support for your cause and possibly getting new plans and projects in place to improve people’s lives.

It isn’t really all that difficult to come up with viable solutions, is it?

Write to the concerned people, offering solutions and bringing ideas or issues to light.

You could highlight homeles-sness, hunger, unemployment, unequal education, environm-ental protection, wildlife conservation, discrimination, the media’s role in educating the public about hunger, etc. You can make an impact and be a catalyst for change!

-Nikhil Jayadevan