Do it now! - Funky frames!

Pick out one of your favourite family photos and make a funky frame for it.

Collect these materials and get started —

An OHP (overhead projec-tor) sheet


Modelling clay/M-seal

Acrylic colours (if you are using M-seal)


Wool/satin ribbon/strip of cardboard

• Cut two pieces from the OHP sheet into the same size as the photograph.
• Place the photograph between the two sheets, and secure the edges using cello-tape. Make sure the photo is firmly in place.
• Roll the clay or M-seal into a long cylindrical strip.
• Break a piece of the same length as one side of the picture and fix it along the edge of the picture.
• Do the same on all sides, using same or different colours.
• Using another colour, make four round blobs and fix them on the four corners. Use a knife to carve desi-gns on the four sides of the photo frame.
• If you are using M-seal, knead it well, and paint it aft-er it dries.
• To make a frame in another shape, simply cut the photo and OHP sheet in the shape you want, and use the clay accordingly.
• Stick a loop of satin ribbon or wool to the back of the photo frame to hang it up. Or, take a rectangular piece of cardboard, fold a small length backwards, and stick it firmly to the back of the OHP sheet. Now you’re all set to display your funky frame!

-Cynthia John